Better Days Will Haunt You

by Chavez

Release Date : 1970-01-01

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Better Days Will Haunt You MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Repeat The Ending
2) play  Hack The Sides Away
3) play  Nailed To The Blank Spot
4) play  Break Up Your Band
5) play  Laugh Track
6) play  The Ghost By The Sea
7) play  Pentagram Ring
8) play  Peeled Out Too Late
9) play  The Flaming Gong
10) play  Wakeman's Air
11) play  Relaxed Fit
12) play  The Nerve
13) play  You Faded
14) play  Little 12 Toes
15) play  Top Pocket Man
16) play  The Guard Attacks
17) play  Unreal Is Here
18) play  New Room
19) play  Tight Around The Jaws
20) play  Lions
21) play  Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
22) play  Memorize This Face
23) play  Cold Joys
24) play  Flight 96
25) play  Ever Overpsyched
26) play  You Must Be Stopped
27) play  Theme From 'For Russ'
28) play  White Jeans


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Two legendary albums, a bunch of tours, a small but fanatical fanbase... the twin guitar attack of CHAVEZ is at last enshrined in a landmark, extremely enhanced collection. No stranger to the earth-shattering power chord, Scott Marshall's CHAVEZ differed from bands both from the mid-'90s and now in the application of extraordinary minor-key harmonies and oblique, fiercely joyous lyrical subjects. These sat easily atop the barbed-wire guitarage of Matt Sweeney and Clay Tarver, alongside the ferociously ANTI-rock drumming of classically trained James Lo. Indeed, the band claimed Carl Maria von Weber as a major influence, and it is not hard to think of the lower-Manhattan-based quintet as the reincarnation of 19th-century romanticism via incredible chops and a musical upbringing soaked in the Kinks, Sabbath and Grand Funk .

The 'Better Days Will Haunt You' double CD-plus-DVD set is a tribute to over-completeness and deluxitude. This fully remastered set contains:

A triple-gatefold digipak: 2 CDs plus DVD

Two 28-page books

The two original studio albums, Gone Glimmering (1995) and Ride The Fader (1996)

The non-album B-sides from the "Repeat The Ending" single (1994) and the Pentagram Ring EP (1995) and compilation tracks from What's Up Matador (1997) and the Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks (1996) albums

A previously unreleased studio track entitled "White Jeans"

The 2 mindblowingly audacious and ambitious promo videos, for "Break Up Your Band" and "Unreal Is Here"

The 'Boys Making Music... Music Making Men' documentary of the band touring Europe with Guided By Voices in 1996, with commentary by legendary Hollywood producer/director Garry Marshall

Plus other DVD Easter eggs

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