Face The Truth

by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

Release Date : 2005-05-24

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Face The Truth MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Pencil Rot
2) play  It Kills
3) play  I've hardly Been
4) play  Freeze The Saints
5) play  Loud Cloud Crowd
6) play  No More Shoes
7) play  Mama
8) play  Kindling For The Master
9) play  Post-Paint Boy
10) play  Baby C'mon
11) play  Malediction


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FACE THE TRUTH unveils a new STEPHEN MALKMUS. His exuberance has given way to bliss, and his performances are more disarming and electrifying than ever. The volatile SM who sang "Water and a Seat" as if he were Muhammad Ali extolling his punch and shuffle is missing. On FACE THE TRUTH we hear a beseeching, almost quizzical SM who has - to generalize - returned to his first influences. And he has downplayed his guitar virtuosity behind his singing and arranging.

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