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  • OLE-765

Just Farr A Laugh Vols. 1 & 2: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!

by Earles and Jensen Present

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Just Farr A Laugh Vols. 1 & 2: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever! MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Gamemasters
2) play  Introducing Bleachy: Poised To Sweep The Nation
3) play  Taco Bell Dog and Taz Tattoos
4) play  Morris Day Is On His Way
5) play  Honey, Tiger Woods is On the Phone, Quit Fiddle-Fucking Around
6) play  Waking Up Alone On the 4th of July (Live On the Radio)
7) play  Jazz Jermaine: Ru Paul’s Personal Assistant
8) play  Barbara: A Realistic Portrait
9) play  Barbara’s Husband Clears the Air
10) play  Attitudes - A Bar w/ a Bunch of Dumbasses Hanging Out
11) play  Bedroom ETA - A Jermaine Stewart Cover Band
12) play  Morris Day Has Worked Up an Appetite
13) play  A Really Big Day For Mom
14) play  I Should Hope So
15) play  Bleachy And The .99 Cent Big Bufords
16) play  Tim Butler, An Old Flatmate of David J.’s
17) play  Trish Calls Beastie From Soulcracker (Live on WFMU)
18) play  Chauncy Gardner, Gallagher’s Personal Assistant
19) play  Just Farr A Laugh: The Yogurt Machine
20) play  Change it Into “Kenny
21) play  Bleachy Tries To Join The Army... Again
22) play  The Bewildering Funnies
23) play  Man With Confusing Array Of Things To Sell
24) play  KFC Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Flavored Doritos
25) play  Bleachy At T.G.I. Fridays
26) play  Waking Up Alone On The 4th Of July, Part II
27) play  Danny Aiello And Son Would Like To Come In For Some Eggs
28) play  Isaac Hayes Was Verbally Assaulted Today
29) play  I Took Acid At Work Yesterday
30) play  Christopher Fucking Cross
31) play  Howie Mandell’s Brother
32) play  Unsensible Shooz
33) play  Bleachy Is Back In Town, Look Out
34) play  That’s Hilarious! A Street G Would Never Like These Movies!!
35) play  Ed Asner-related Strongest Idea on CD, Part I
36) play  Ed Asner-related Strongest Idea on CD, Part II
37) play  Avenging Imogene
38) play  Murphy’s Romance!?!?!?! What A Frame of Reference!!!!
39) play  Room-Silencing Religious Call
40) play  Bleachy’s Been Injured on the Job
41) play  Incident in the Wave Pool
42) play  T-Mobile Employees Fuck Off on the Clock
43) play  Kurt Loder Has Lost His Mind
44) play  Michael Anthony’s Solo Album, The Beard Is Back
45) play  The Brand New Isaac Hayes Call is Two and One Half Years Old!
46) play  The Party Doctor
47) play  The Younger Girls Call Me Mom
48) play  Everyone Loves a Good Bootleg Garfield the Cat
49) play  I’m Being Abused at Work
50) play  A Table for One at Arby’s
51) play  Tackleberry the Dog
52) play  Vanilla Hotbox Grits
53) play  Required Jamie Farr-Themed Call
54) play  Need a Cooler Up There?
55) play  My Friends Call Me Ditchweed. Don’t Ask. Ok, Go Ahead and Ask
56) play  I Ate an Entire Sheet of Acid
57) play  Bleachy Wants to Watch “Murder, She Wrote
58) play  Bonus Track: “On The Wings of Love
Over 140 minutes of demented tomfoolery featuring Bleachy, Ditchweed, Party Doctor, and 52 other insane and addictive calls!!!! 2 CDs plus a colossal 64-page booklet jammed with drawings, photos and long-winded liner notes by over 35 big name contributors hand picked by Earles and Jensen including Gregg Turkington, Gerard Cosloy, Archer Prewitt, Jennifer Herrema, Devendra Banhart and David Dunlap Jr.