Mr. Beast

by Mogwai

Release Date : 2006-03-07

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Mr. Beast CD
Mr. Beast MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Auto Rock
2) play  Glasgow Mega-Snake
3) play  Acid Food
4) play  Travel Is Dangerous
5) play  Team Handed
6) play  Friend Of The Night
7) play  Emergency Trap
8) play  Folk Death 95
9) play  I Chose Horses
10) play  We're No Here


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Produced by longtime associate Tony Doogan and Mogwai at Castle Of Doom Studio, Mr. Beast is nothing short of a milestone in Mogwai's storied tenure. Though there are still hints aplenty of the subtle beauty that adorned big chuncks of "Rock Action" and "Happy Songs For Happy People", there are an equal portion of headcrushers on this one that will leave you gasping for air. Particularly if you've been wearing a plastic bag over your face (which we do not reccomend, by the way).

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