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  1. In Loving Memory of....

    In Loving Memory of....

    by Let's Wrestle

    In Loving Memory Of... - Let's Wrestle

    'In Loving Memory Of...' is album of the week at Pure Groove 16th of feb

    'In Loving Memory Of...' number 3 in NME album chart (week of release)

    "lets wrestle, motherfucker! if he wants to fight me, bring it on!" So spat ... Learn More
  2. Pickup Lines

    Pickup Lines

    by Sweet Talk

    Where did all the real rock n roll go? Where the people took time to craft a song, make it fun to listen to, and wanted it upbeat and catchy?” SWEET TALK answer these questions. Combining the best parts of Cheap Trick, early UK power pop and the dual guitar work of Thin Lizzy, SWEET TALK burn through eleven songs on their debut LP. This ain't no... Learn More
  3. Can't You See Me Smilin

    Can't You See Me Smilin

    by The McElroy Bros.

    The McElroy Bros.' Can't You See Me Smilin' LP is a private-press pop masterpiece recorded in 1977 in rural Vermont by identical twin brothers, Brian and Bruce McElroy. Using familiar 60's British-invasion song structures, the album is somehow instantly familiar while the recording and instrumentation are both totally unique -- perhaps, it's the... Learn More
  4. Sleaze


    by Sleaze

    TV Smith says...
    14th June, 1975. It was a studio, a proper studio - just like the ones the proper bands recorded in. At least, it was the nearest I’d ever been to one and now my band Sleaze, that had so far had to make do with playing support slots at local clubs and discos - as well as the occasional “headline” gig in local school halls... Learn More
  5. New Jersey Hardcore

    New Jersey Hardcore

    by The Everymen

    Woo-hoo! Killing Horse Records is happy to welcome The Everymen and the release of our first full-length vinyl 12″ New Jersey Hardcore. 11 tracks of the best punk-rock-doo-wop you’ve ever heard! Imagine “Adam Raised a Cain” – and Cain grew up and started a rock band.

    Each LP comes packaged with a free CD version of the album so... Learn More
  6. Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker)

    Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker)

    by Unholy Two

    Having expanded to a 3-guitar attack, Columbus, OH's Unholy Two's first recorded output since 2010's '$kum of The Earth' (Columbus Discount/Negative Guest List) is a more than worthy followup to that caustic masterpiece. Why is it that no one has previously thought of a combined musical homage to Rick Rude and Richard Ramirez? Besides Jeff Lynne... Learn More


    by Various Artists

    WOW!  This is the sort of book that is so instantly addictive and fun that I’d recommend one for any fan of rock music.  Mostly just what the title says, lots and lots of AMAZING sleeves to singles that will have you convinced that you need to own a good majority of them.  There are also some cool interviews spread throughou... Learn More
  8. NYC Tonight

    NYC Tonight

    by Dump

    The home recording project of James Mcnew fromYo La Tengo , DUMP, has returned! The first single is a DUMP "disco" style cover arrangement of 'NYC Tonight' by "the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history":GG Allin! B side is a collaboration remix of the song by Shintaro Sakamoto (ex. Yura... Learn More
  9. Ugly Things #22 Magazine

    Ugly Things #22 Magazine

    by Various Artists

    Warehouse find, some copies of the Great Ugly things magazine, issue 22.

    THE STORY OF THE MISUNDERSTOOD PART 3, including the Dirty Blues Band, Juicy Lucy and Joe Cocker; interviews with Ace Kefford of The Move and Chris Youlden of Savoy Brown. Plus the Matadors, the Speakers, the Wild Cherries, the Creatures , DIY Cult Icons the... Learn More

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