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  1. OLE-123

    Alien Lanes

    by Guided By Voices

    GBV's mid 90's classic is back in print on 120g vinyl Learn More
  2. OLE-202

    What Would The Community Think

    by Cat Power

    Cat Power's Matador Records debut finds Chan Marshall backed by Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley. Features the shoulda-been-a-hit-single "Nude As The News" and a cover of Smog's "Bathysphere." Learn More
  3. OLE-130

    Wowee Zowee

    by Pavement

    The 3rd (or 4th) album by Pavement is a thoughtful and challenging work, certain to thrill & confound the hundreds of thousands of rock fans previously enraptured by Crooked Rain and Slanted & Enchanted. Recorded at Easley County Jail, Memphis, Pavement speak out for the first time since their incarceration. Here, as Pavement wait ... Learn More
  4. OLE-648

    Closing In

    by Early Man

    While clearing out the warehouse we found a few copies of this incredible album. Available now for FIRE SALE price until supplies run out. EARLYMAN:  Two Pentecostalists from  Columbus, shielded from pop culture their entire lives, discover rock at the age of 19. Kicked out by their families and ostracized by the popul... Learn More
  5. OLE-625


    by Dead Meadow

    The second Matador release from D.C.'s kings of psychedelic poundage finds the trio expanded to a quartet, and the musical palette extended into the realm of 12-string balladeering and shimmering shoegazery. The ethereal layers of guitar sounds on tracks like "At Her Open Door" and "Stacy's Song" represent a genuine creative departure. Learn More
  6. OLE-612

    Half Smiles of the Decomposed

    by Guided By Voices

    The final album from Dayton, Ohio's legendary geniuses GUIDED BY VOICES. Because following this album and its ensuing tour, the band will be gone. After twenty-odd years, twenty-odd lineups, and twenty-odd albums, EPs, singles, triples, stolen bases, misdemeanor convictions, and broken hearts, Dayton, OH's fortunate sons are taking leave of your... Learn More
  7. OLE-615

    The Slow Wonder

    by A.C. Newman

    Solo debut from The New Pornographers' leader brings forth singer-songwriter skills in a sparkling pop masterpiece. Learn More
  8. OLE-613


    by Mission of Burma

    Clint Conley - bass, vocals
    Roger Miller - guitar, vocals
    Peter Prescott - drums, vocals

    Robert Weston - tape loops

    "The pioneering blend of avant-rock noise and tense melodicism that Clint Conley, Roger Miller, Peter Prescott, and tape manipulator Martin Swope brought to the post-punk frontier... Learn More
  9. OLE-361


    by Belle and Sebastian

    Vinyl reissue out Oct 7 2014, includes MP3 download coupon.
    Reissue of impossibly rare and valuable debut album by the stunning Glasgow pop octet. Rolling on with our vinyl reissue campaign, Belle & Sebastian's legendary debut, "Tigermilk," is available on wax again. Learn More

Items 1 to 9 of 12 total

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