Shivering King and Others

by Dead Meadow

Release Date : 2003-06-03

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Shivering King and Others MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  I Love You Too
2) play  Babbling Flower
3) play  Everything's Going On
4) play  The Whirlings
5) play  Wayfarers All
6) play  Good Moanin'
7) play  Golden Cloud
8) play  Me And The Devil Blues
9) play  Shivering King
10) play  She's Mine
11) play  Heaven
12) play  Raise The Sails


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Think of the heaviest rock band you can possibly imagine. Black Sabbath, Bardo Pond, Blue Cheer, Cream and Zep rolled into one. Now triple that. You will have achieved a distant approximation of this mighty Washington, D.C. power trio. This is simply one of the greatest heavy guitar records ever made.

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