Sleep and Release

by Aereogramme

Release Date : 2003-02-18

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Sleep and Release CD
Sleep and Release MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Indiscretion #243
2) play  Black Path
3) play  A Simple Process of Elimination
4) play  Older
5) play  No Really, Everything's Fine
6) play  Wood
7) play  Yes
8) play  In Gratitutde
9) play  A Winter's Discord
10) play  [Untitled]


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Album no. 2 from this ridiculously talented Glasgow trio makes 2000's "A Story In White" sound kinda meek in comparison. Aereogramme exhibit enough mastery of the melodic-gone-explodo thing to bring down the walls of jericho (and we don't mean the lame finishing hold). The letters "emo" rearranged spell "Moe" -- the greatest Stooge, the best bartender and our own reminder that pigeonholes are for pigeons. Aereogramme soar like eagles (and we don't mean Donovan McNabb).

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