Suppressive Acts I-X

by Lesser

Release Date : 2003-11-10

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Suppressive Acts I-X CD
Suppressive Acts I-X MP3
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1) play  Act I: The Science Of Pathology
2) play  Act II: Young, Dumb, Full Of Come And Destroying My Will To Live
3) play  Act III: That Shit Might Fly In The Sticks
4) play  Act IV: Ancient Chinese Whack-Off Session
5) play  Act V: Dandy In The Fedora
6) play  Act VI: Better Than Hawaii
7) play  Act VII: Crushing Your Repulsive Pince-Nez Underfoot
8) play  Act VIII: Indicators And Indices Of Subjugation
9) play  Act IX: Who It Is... 6 Months In The Icebox
10) play  Act X: Tasteful Remembrances Sculpted In Wax And Ashes


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