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The Dirt of Luck

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The Dirt of Luck

by Helium

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The Dirt of Luck MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Pat's Trick
2) play  Trixie's Star
3) play  Silver Angel
4) play  Baby's Going Underground
5) play  Medusa
6) play  Comet #9
7) play  Skeleton
8) play  Superball
9) play  All The X's Have Wings
10) play  Oh The Wind And Rain
11) play  Honeycomb
12) play  Flower Of The Apocalypse
Entertainment Weekly says Helium ought to play the main stage at Lollapalooza 95. Too bad they don’t booking the show, huh? 1995 sees the Boston-based trio changing their sound (Dirt is a far more expansive, ambitious work than Pirate Prude ) and lineup (bassist Ash Bowie, also of Polvo, is much taller than Brian Dunton). Other pertinent data: the album was recorded at Studio Red from July-November 1994, produced and engineered by Adam "Red" Lasus.

On the heels of the "Pat's Trick" single, we’re certain this album will make a tremendous impact, particularly if it is dropped from the roof of a big building.

1. Pat's Trick
2. Trixie's Star
3. Silver Angel
4. Baby's Going Underground
5. Medusa
6. Comet #9
7. Skeleton
8. Superball
9. All the X's Have Wings
10. Oh The Wind And Rain
11. Honeycomb
12. Flower of the Apocalypse