“Just the thing for listeners who always found Sonic Youth too timid
and bound to rock convention.” - The Wire

“A call-and-response of healing, oceanic feedback.” - New York Times

"Powerful and primal ... the bleak noir-ish anguish of ‘Last Mistress’
is of a kin with 'Bad Moon Rising'-era SY; ‘Actress’’s delirious churn
is electrifying and cathartic.” - Mojo

Body/Head are an electric guitar duo comprised of Kim Gordon (CKM,
Sonic Youth, Free Kitten, etc.) and Bill Nace (X.O.4, Vampire Belt,
Ceylon Mange, etc.) They began working together in various loose
formats a few years ago, but the Body/Head concept evolved more
specifically in early 2012.

Initially their approach was largely instrumental and improvisational
-- lattices of interwoven feedback rainbows, with bits recalling
everyone from Heldon to Keiji Haino. Kim's voice began creeping more
into the mix, and the vocals are now an intrinsic part of their
musical architecture. The songs on "Coming Apart" are compositionally
distinct from their purely aleatory origins, but still feature lots of
built-in improvisational space.
  1. No Waves
    No Waves

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  2. Coming Apart
    Coming Apart

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  3. The Switch
    The Switch

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