Love Of Diagrams

Melbourne trio Love Of Diagrams have been making their mark on the Australian music scene since 2001, with fiery live shows and an album and EP on the Unstable Ape label. Now, after two trips to the US and Europe (including combustible performances at SXSW last March), they have signed to Matador to release their US debut.

This limited-edition self-titled EP includes a cover of "Cool," the early-80s club hit by Athens, GA legends Pylon, as well as "Pace Or The Patience" off their forthcoming Matador album, Mosaic (out April 10), the popular 2005 single "No Way Out" (featured on "The O.C."!), and one unreleased track.

Love Of Diagrams share a love for both the experimentation of No Wave and the immediacy and off-kilter tunefulness of classic UK post-punk. Their stripped-down guitar-bass-drums racket and call-and-response vocals emit a wonderfully controlled urgency.
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