Lynnfield Pioneers

Brooklyns Lynnfield Pioneers know how to turn a party out. Their second full-length album, Free Popcorn, is the revelatory rump-roaster created specifically to get the stiffest of bootys shakin and bakin. The trio of Dan Cook (vocals/keyboards), Mike Janson (guitar), and J.P. Jones (drums) have brought their much-discussed wide-ranging influences together under a groove as never before to produce a record intent on getting heads bobbin across the nation.

While 1997s emerge was a surprising debut, introducing the Pioneers unsettling blend of urban influences, Free Popcorn is a shock. No other group in Matadors history has made such a giant creative leap in such a short spell. They have come out of their self-imposed hibernation with a staggering EPIC of a rock n roll album. The groups previously noted love of rock, funk, hip-hop, garage and punk has never made for a easy-to-pin-down combination--and those very contrasts are what make their second album so astounding. Is there any other band that can carry off the groove of "Chicken Strut"-era Meters with the intensity of the Fall, while recalling the Stones, ESG, Swell Maps, and Bo Diddley? Not by a long shot. And this record introduces bass guitar to the proceedings, to at last make for the full, deep- grooved realization of the hip-hopping, funky-spacey-sonic shit that has been bubbling toward the surface since their earliest recordings.

"If some of the original no-wave artists had a pogo friendly streak, they might have launched a sonic seducer like Lynnfield Pioneers." -- David Sprague, Request

"They play the ogran with the whole fist and dont bother with that guitar-tuning shit much, but these Brooklynites taut, abrasive near-funk rhythms carry their savage little punk-rock talking blues." ” Douglas Wolk, Village Voice
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