Mary Timony

Mary Timonys latest solo project, The Golden Dove, lends a refreshing twist to traditional song structures, exploring sound and composition in her own inimitable style. Musically, Timony mixes up 60s psych folk, experimental electro grooves and lengthy prog-rock guitar jams. What results is music of melancholy beauty, sweetness tinged with darkness, conjuring images of middle earth, fairies, goblins and ghosts that lurk in every corner. Sparklehorses lauded frontman, Mark Linkous, contributes both on the production credits and as a guest musician. However, most of the music is performed by Mary herself, a virtuoso guitarist and self-styled icon.

Emerging in the early 90s, Timony and her band Helium garnered critical acclaim with their two Matador albums The Dirt of Luck and 1997s Magic City. Prior to Helium, she was a member of the band Autoclave (Discord). Shes also currently involved with the space-rock band Green 4 as well as Spells, a collaboration with Sleater-Kinneys Carrie Brownstein. The Golden Dove is Mary Timonys second solo album, following Mountains. A video for the track "Dr Cat," directed by Brett Vapnek, will be available soon.