Dan Eastop * vocals
Simon Aldcroft * drums
Dave Gray * guitar
Adam Cormack * guitar
Johanna Woodnutt * violin
James Vyner * bass

'Lay Of The Land' is the debut full-length from Seachange. This dazzling album showcases a sextet bursting with talent, vitality and bright ideas. With raw energy, intelligent song writing and a willfulness to do their own thing, Seachange have forged a dramatic path through the various guises of rock'n'roll.

The band met at Nottingham University in the late '90s, and whilst sharing a haunted house together, their appetite for musical exploration was ignited and fuelled. Wielding escalating guitars, violin and an enigmatic frontman in Dan Eastop, they marry a variety of influences to create their own definition of magic. Through their first couple years of playing up and down the UK, Seachange have established themselves as a deadly live proposition with a flair for the epic coupled a ferocity that can't be faked.

Seachange aren't merely adept at a crazy melange of the anthemic & hypnotic; there are some brilliant songs happening inside the tornado. And the end results are something undefinably great. This band have got charisma and presence to spare, but they could wear paper bags over their skulls and still get the job done.

The Best New Band In Britain yet...The Best Debut Album Since 'Turn On The Bright Lights'...the most hyperbole filled press release in label history.

Catch the fever.

"This Nottingham sextet show some of their impressive versatility in this prelude to their debut album... they display a fine line in melding well-bashed guitars with folksy, violin-driven moments along with a vocal urgency and poignant lyrics.'

-- Tim Perry, The Information/Independent

Seachange's 'Glitterball EP' single of the week: "a fiery intensity that transforms even mildly wild material into a shitstorm of bug-eyed ferocity."

-- Cliff Roberts, Logo Magazine

"Glitterball is one of the best songs to come out of the British rock scene this year."

-- Azeed Ahmad, Music
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