"Sometimes an audience, a record contract and artistiic breakthrough coverge at exactly the right moment, and the Steve Albini-produced...Firewater, Silkworm's Matador debut, is that kind of record. Unabashed classicists (count the Dylan references and check out those majestic Television guitar solos), Silkworm songs are so well-crafted that when something drops out of the mix---a guitar riff, a voice---you can feel it in the pit of your stomach." -- Ivan Kreilkamp, Spin
"They've been together since 1988. They're kind of brutal, with a sort of Montana after-the-gold-rush toughness. I really find their work ethic honorable at this phase of the game. The bassist, Tim Midgett, is a really emotional singer, and Andy Cohen plays leads over whole songs. It's a feat to play so many notes and not just come off as having a Berklee Music School gearhead, perfectionist mentality...they're just coming into their stride."--Steven Malkmus in the '96 year-end issue of the Village Voice
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