“Esselink’s real genius is in her massive contextual high jinks — taking the best few seconds that a band might ever play and neatly annexing it to similar bits from dozens of other bands to make a pop Frankenstein’s monster... her unique concept of songcrafting points toward seemingly limitless musical possibilities... Solex creates a new pop ideal.” — Time Out New York

“Solex creates audio paradise from towering mounds of audio refuse.” — Request

“Heavy orchestral cartoon music for carports. William Burroughs as Bugs Bunny. Like ‘Fantasia’ for 60s delinquents, a strong dose of freakout fun.” — Detroit Metro Times

“Like Beck or Cornelius at their best, the kitchen sinks consistently add up to full plumbing works.” — AP

“Elisabeth Esselink is a genius.” — Melody Maker

The craziest, most thrilling effort to date from Dutch sound collage wizard Elisabeth Esselink aka Solex. Not (necessarily) a bop recording, the lost and found sounds resurrected and recombined by Solex would be mere props in anyone else’s hands, not the weapons utilised by Esselink to deadly effect. A master of making something-out-of-nothing, Esselink finds source material that she describes as:

“Old vinyl, crappy un-sellable CD’s (again), television (Wheel Of Fortune!), the ‘better looking’ talk show hosts (they seem to sound better as well), noisy deaf people, films, bootlegs (again), radio, street-noises and animals. The noisy deaf people were my favourites. They do know what they’re talking about, but don’t have a clue what they sound like (opposite to most musicians).”

The results don’t merely “resemble” glorious, oozing-with-technicolor pop songs, but are in fact, the REAL DEAL. The sharp wit and genuinely warped sensibility that made the first two Solex albums such an international success are in abundance on Low Kick and Hard Bop but we’re sure you’ll agree with us that this is the Solex album guaranteed to please the hardcore fan and the uninitiated alike.
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