Tobin Sprout

Record number 2 from Guided By Voices guitarist Tobin Sprout, who in addition to writing and singing some of GBVs best loved songs ("Its Like Soul Man," "Awful Bliss," "Atom Eyes" "14 Cheerleader Coldfront"), made a solid solo debut with 1996s ˜Carnival Boy.

Before officially joining GBV circa ˜Propeller, Toby led the mid-80s Dayton trio, Fig. 4 (Figure 4) who released a 7" EP and one album. Tobins also released a solo single and split-single under the alias Bevil Web. It was not until ˜Carnival Boy however that his songwriting prowess was allowed greater exposure, and with Moonflower Plastic (Welcome To My Wigwam), were confident that his rep will be continue to grow beyond that of "ex-GBV guy" without having to resort to a triple LP ala ˜All Things Must Pass.

As with ˜Carnival Boy, Tobin played all guitar and bass tracks as well as piano, organ and some drums. About half of the album was recorded by Tobin on 4 and 8 track, and the other half by John Shough and Gary King in two Dayton, OH studios. Tobins hyperrealist paintings adorn the albums packaging again as well. What with his illustrating career and newborn twins, there are no touring plans at the moment but who knows.
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