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Brightblack Morning Light

by Brightblack Morning Light

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Brightblack Morning Light MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Everybody Daylight
2) play  Miwok Shapes
3) play  Friend Of Time
4) play  Fry Bread
5) play  Star Blanket River Child
6) play  All We Have Broken Shines
7) play  A River Could Be Loved
8) play  Amber Canyon Magik
9) play  Black Feather Wishes Rise
10) play  Come Another Rain Down
11) play  We Share Our Blanket With The Owl

This astounding and extraordinarily chill, confident debut album from Northern California duo Brightblack Morning Light saunters along like some shaman from afar, gathering influence and followers in legion while reinventing the past. It's the kind of record that stands up to countless sonic references and actually succeeds in combining them so completely that it seems simple and off-handed, like people have been making music like this for years.