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David Comes To Life

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David Comes To Life

by Fucked Up

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Track # Track Name
1) play  Let Her Rest
2) play  Queen Of Hearts
3) play  Under My Nose
4) play  The Other Shoe
5) play  Turn The Season
6) play  Running On Nothing
7) play  Remember My Name
8) play  A Slanted Tone
9) play  Serve Me Right
10) play  Truth I Know
11) play  Life In Paper
12) play  Ship Of Fools
13) play  A Little Death
14) play  I Was There
15) play  Inside A Frame
16) play  The Recursive Girl
17) play  One More Night
18) play  Lights Go Up
Fucked Up have the most perfect name for any band in rock history. In two words it bluntly states the truth that lies at the heart of the white noise maelstrom - things are different from what you expect.

Right from the start this Toronto band has been pushing musical and conceptual boundaries. Forming ostensibly as a punk band, they swiftly took on hardcore and twisted it into their own version, with a psychedelic edge, unexpected instrumentation like flute and keyboards, and songs stretched to perverse lengths.

They initially released a series of impossible to find 7" singles, all with related artwork that sometimes landed them in trouble, and sometimes looked like they came from the late 60s, when minds were melting with possibilities. There were also albums that continued this theme, each one more bold and adventurous.

Meanwhile, the band’s gigs took on legendary status. Frontman Damian Abraham's nude stage dives and blood-strewn face were becoming a lunatic motif for a take on the hardcore genre that constantly upended assumptions: lyrics about plants and rebirth, moneys to charities for battered women. All the time, there was a sense of a narrative, and even in their loudest moments there was a deep intelligence to their music.

The narrative itself has come to full fruition on their new album, the 78-minute David
Comes To Life rock opera, an album set to a play.