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[las vegas]

by burger/ink

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[las vegas] MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Avalon
2) play  Elvism
3) play  Flesh & Bleed
4) play  Twelve Miles High
5) play  Milk & Honey
6) play  Bring Trance Back (to Las Vegas) [Blue Hotel]
7) play  The Jealous Guy From Memphis
8) play  Love Is The Drug [Paris Texas]
9) play  Do The Strand
10) play  Swiss Made
Back in the early nineties, before the Loveparade, before dance music exploded in Germany, a little known producer named Wolfgang Voigt was quietly releasing tracks in Cologne under the name Mike Ink. Alongside Voigt in Cologne during the nineties was Jörg Burger, aka the Bionaut and later The Modernist and Triola. Burger's output has always been more album-oriented than Voigt, which is fitting for a techno artist as much in love with indie pop as electronics. One of those albums was the highly rated '[Las Vegas]' made in 1996 with Voigt as Burger/Ink. Fusing guitars with ambient minimalism, the record went onto become a classic

Getting the album together was naturally just around the corner for Wolfgang and Jörg. They first unveiled a new project, ‘[Las Vegas],’ on Harvest, carrying the torch from the days of Pink Floyd and Wire. The album contains some of the most beautiful and subtle arrangements to have emerged from the electronic field . "Jörg is the king of harmonies and I’m the king of insane rhythms and we combine that somehow," explains Wolfgang Voigt. When we started to think about the concept of the new project we were arguing for 3 month before we actually started to record a single note. And in the end I said ok, let’s imagine you’re Siegfried and I’m Roy. That’s how we came to ‘[Las Vegas].’