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My New Murex

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My New Murex

by Tint

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My New Murex - MP3
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TINT is the banner name for the omniversal sonic explorations by guitarist and tonemaker Zane Morris. My New Murex will be TINT's opening statement, a three-track 12" for True Panther that incorporates Morris's wide embrace of counterpointing musical traditions and disparate compositional techniques. Unlike many avant and new-ageist forays into instrumental music, it's evident from the start (cue opener "Nine Notes") that TINT achieves endpoint bliss not through through melodic meandering, but through careful playing, technical tinkering and handcrafted tuneful intervention. In this way, My New Murex is a musical experience above all else.

Zane Morris was born in Los Angeles in 1986, raised in Arizona, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area at the age of 12, where he would become classically trained on the trumpet, and a deft guitar player through tenures in several of the area's DIY hardcore groups. Developing the TINT project early on through self-released CD-Rs in the late naughts, Morris moved from blown out finger-picked folk pieces to increasingly electronic forms of melodic development and auditory exploration of dub and minimal music. Though the building blocks of influence and instrumentation may evolve, the destination remains disruptive, unfamiliar, uncharted.

My New Murex appears with three compositions: "Nine Notes", originally composed as a live soundtrack for a 2012 screening of the 1902 experimental film Seeing New York by Yacht by Frederick Armitage & A.E. Weed, "Even Everlys", a hall-of-mirrors collage of sustained vocals serves as a simultaneous paean and deconstruction to American folk music, and finally the closer "Double Dribble"- the record's definitive out-there moment, a gorgeous pentatonic improvisation over a single-note pulsing loop. My New Murex was recorded in Morris's former residences in SF & LA, and then put to tape at Guacho's Electronics with Facundo Bermudez in Los Angeles. As Zane Morris recently re-located TINT's operating base to New York, expect to see performances by TINT in tandem with Julia Crockett & Group, a New York-based movement group with whom Morris has collaborated, and other solo performances planned in New York, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.