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Pig Lib MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Water And A Seat
2) play  Ramp Of Death
3) play  (Do Not Feed The) Oyster
4) play  Vanessa From Queens
5) play  Sheets
6) play  Animal Midnight
7) play  Dark Wave
8) play  Witch Mountain Bridge
9) play  Craw Song
10) play  1% Of One
11) play  Us
“The band became a picture frame surrounding the vision he dreamt,” Stephen Malkmus sings on “1% of One”, the wall-crawling, mirrored-ceiling epic that anchors Pig Lib, the second-serve ace of a sophomore album from Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks. Could there be a better summation of the cohesively glorious musical unit that produced Pig Lib? Or is one of the most engaging puzzle-makers in music again throwing the legions for a loop? While “1% of One” features a Malkmus guitar solo whose breadth of vision makes an IMAX screen seem downright puny, the visionary dreamer of the song is, as you will hear, a blind Dutch soundman who “knew not what band he mixed/ they sounded a bit like the Zephyr and a bit like the Jicks.” Ah yes, the Jicks: Stephen Malkmus on guitar and vocals, Joanna Bolme on bass, Mike Clark on keyboards and guitar, and John Moen, drums. If you thought you knew the Jicks sound based upon 2001’s positively plaudit-laden Stephen Malkmus, get ready: Pig Lib is the sound of a band who’ve found themselves (without using Mapquest), who feel comfortable in their collective skin (sans botox injections), and who know how to stretch out (while not getting tied to the rack). So throw your BORN TO CHOOGLE trucker caps in the air like you really do care, because it’s time for Pig Lib.