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The Obliterati

by Mission of Burma

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The Obliterati CD
The Obliterati MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  2wice
2) play  Spider's Web
3) play  Donna Sumeria
4) play  Let Yourself Go
5) play  1001 Pleasant Dreams
6) play  Good, Not Great
7) play  13
8) play  Man In Decline
9) play  Careening With Conviction
10) play  Birthday
11) play  The Mute Speaks Out
12) play  Is This Where?
13) play  Period
14) play  Nancy Reagan's Head
Discussing Boston's Mission Of Burma in the context of their being one of the most influential groups of thepast 30 years is all fine and good, but it does a slight disservice to their status as a living, breathing, insanely-vibrant rock'n'roll band in the year 2006. The props from Justin Timberlake, the gratuitous name-checks on "Love Monkey" are gratifying on some level, but they don't pay the bills.

And with this in mind, we're slightly in awe of Burma's new, 3rd full-length studio album proper, 'The Obliterati'. Recorded at Boston's Q Division Studios with firmly ensconsed 4th wheel Bob Weston, 'The Obliterati' might be the most aggressive, raw and challenging recording in the band's storied career. With equally strong contributions from Roger Miller, Clint Conley and Peter Prescott, 'The Obliterati', while having the odd melodic moment or 2 dozen, is as relentless and engulfing an album as we've heard since...well, since Burma's 'Vs.' some 24 years ago. Whether or not this album is as topical, absurdist or just plain hit-packed as that one, you'll have to figure out for yourself. For the moment, our senses are just shattered. This is the uneasy listening album of the year. Next year, too.