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Father, Son, Holy Ghost

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Father, Son, Holy Ghost

by Girls

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Father, Son, Holy Ghost MP3
Track # Track Name
1) play  Honey Bunny
2) play  Alex
3) play  Die
4) play  Saying I Love You
5) play  My Ma
6) play  Vomit
7) play  Just A Song
8) play  Magic
9) play  Forgiveness
10) play  Love Like A River
11) play  Jamie Marie
Girls return with their long awaited second full-length. More spontaneous and stripped-down than either their self-made debut or their lush EP, Father, Son, Holy Ghostis a gorgeous, largely minor-key record, enlivened by flashes of innocent pop and given depth by its wealth of influences and willingness to face sadness.
Recorded in SF and LA with Doug Boehm and featuring a gospel choir on several tracks, the album contains some of the heart-on-sleeve love songs the band is known for, with influences from Roy Orbison to Elvis Costello, but also detours into metal, spirituals and soul as it explores the classic rock songbook.
Coming off the critically acclaimed Broken Dreams ClubEP, and the much-loved debut Album, this highly anticipated record finds the SF breaking new musical ground.